Bernard ShiuDr Bernard Shiu, well-known Geelong general practitioner, shares his professional opinion on depression:

In my career, I’ve come across and treated many patients suffering from depression. And, contrary to popular beliefs, it is a pretty common medical condition.

Among those who come and seek help, significant proportions are people who are in authority. This is because they are people who have high expectations of themselves and expect the same from others. And they, surprisingly, include ministers and pastors of churches.


Robert and Maureen McQuillan write:

One of the big problems in church leadership over the past 20 years or so has been pastors ‘burning out.’

Oh there’s still controversy over what really is burnout, breakdown, overwork exhaustion, depression and such.

That’s just the technical side and one for the experts to decide on. Definitions such as found in SM-5 type manuals can fluctuate and be updated as further research and case studies arise.