Revelation 3:3


(February 1, 2020) Brian Bell shares some thoughts on Ezekiel 7:25/26…

When I was in my early school days (a very long number of years ago) it was usual for the class teacher to call out our names from the roll book and we had to answer ‘Present’ for ourselves and of course, if a classmate were missing we heard one of us or the teacher say ‘Ábsent.’

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase ‘Absence makes the heart grow fonder.’ While it is a pleasant sentiment, a wise man once said to me it is not really true if there is not a fondness there to begin with.

In Ezekiel 7: 26-27NLT the Lord speaks through Ezekiel about ‘absences.’ I share with you four brief thoughts…

1. Absence of a word from the Lord
‘They will look in vain for a vision from the prophets’ says verse 26… but it was not that the prophets weren’t speaking, they were not speaking God’s word! And how often the Lord rebuked them. (more…)