Robin Williams


(March 10, 2021) Dr Jim McClure, straight-shooting theologian, shares on a very real issue…

A troubled Christian asked for help, saying ‘I’ve been diagnosed with mental illness and am frightened to tell my very “religious” Christian friends.’

Interestingly I immediately recalled the sad death of Robin Williams death at the age of 63.

For nearly 40 years Williams’ unique brand of humour brought much joy to millions of people, but he suffered from depression that led him finally to take his own life.

Many people in all walks of life suffer from that same debilitating illness of depression which takes from the sufferer the ability freely to live to his or her potential, and, sadly, many respond to the burden of this mental illness by taking the same route as Robin Williams.

A crushing illness
I have a psychiatrist friend whom I asked one day, ‘Why have you followed this particular medical specialty of mental illness when you are fully qualified to work in another?’ He replied with some vehemence, ‘Because I hate this illness!’

When I then asked him why he felt so strongly about it, he replied, ‘Because when people suffer other illnesses they want to live, but many who suffer mental illness want to die!’ (more…)


Dr Robert & Maureen (2)Robert and Maureen McQuillan reflect on ‘time’ …

We humans are definitely creatures of time! We’re preoccupied with it… measuring our days in time, wearing watches to keep check. At some point each day, we wonder ‘What time is it?’ Or ‘How much time do I have left to do this task?’

We may even lament ‘Gosh, time goes on’ or comment to someone, ‘Seems time stood still since we last met’ or ‘It’s been a long time, where did it go?’… and so on.

It’s been said that the concept of time has been problematical for philosophers, even biblical scholars in the divine scheme of things. (more…)