Jim McClure(December 12, 2016) Dr Jim McClure, respected theologian, continues his series on selected scripture words…

The root of one of the most common Hebrew words for love is ‘aheb’ which occurs about 250 times in the Old Testament. In many ways its meaning is similar to the English word ‘love’ in that it has a wide range of applications.  However, our focus in this study is on another Hebrew word, ‘chesed’ which has been translated by a variety of words in the KJV including mercy, kindness, goodness, favour, pity and loving-kindness (a word made up by Miles Coverdale in the early 16th century).

Sometimes it has been translated as faithfulness, grace, leal-love, steadfast love and troth. The fact that so many words have been employed to translate ‘chesed’ reveals that it is extremely difficult to find an equivalent English word and every attempt is ultimately inadequate. (more…)