(February 07, 2022) Mama Lava shares from her heart…

Disillusion happens!

Have you ever become disillusioned with someone? Or have you been rejected by a friend who discovered something about your personality they didn’t expect?

I recently learned something incredible because of being downed, devoted and delivered from disillusion. The story is raw and real, but if it encourages any of you, it is worth sharing.

Downed from Disillusion
My friend was someone I admired from afar, even before we were aquatinted. She was thoughtful, fun, and full of laughter. She seemed to effortlessly display many characteristics to which I aspire.

We slowly got to know one another well. She had some real struggles and so did I. We shared them openly and, from where I stood, it seemed like a genuine friendship was forged. We laughed and cried together, and encouraged each other through life over several years.

But one day, I got frustrated with her! It came out in one short sentence. It wasn’t the words I chose, so much as the tone of voice I used. As soon as the exasperation left my lips, I felt the consequences. I wished I could reel it back in and have a do over. But words don’t work that way.