vantage point


HopeAugust 27, 2016 – Author Hope Flinchbaugh shares…

I love to go to prayer meetings!

There is nothing like being in the same room with people who are motivated to seek God and find out what he’d like to do on planet earth.

Take last Thursday for example at our church’s small prayer meeting. We were all praying beautifully, but I had this sense that we were not breaking through to see God’s will accomplished in our little town.

Suddenly the Lord kindly gave me a picture in my mind – I saw many people who were intercessors standing outside together and everyone was looking up in the sky swinging (wielding) a sword or knife above their heads!

Knowing our position in Christ
Above these intercessors was a large dragon, much like a paper dragon or a float that people in China carry over their heads on Chinese New Year parades and celebrations. (more…)