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(October 22, 2019) Dr George Forbes, missionary statesman, brings an encouragement from his heart as he shares some personal memories…   

So often we hear great challenges from missionaries and pastors calling for Christians to make a difference for Jesus in this darkened world and to help build the kingdom of God. But, sadly, many of us belittle ourselves, thinking how could we make a difference?

Let me share something personal about myself, recalling some of ‘my story and journey’ so as to encourage readers who feel inadequate – or are wondering what God wants of them, what can they offer…

More than fifty years ago God revealed to me that we all can make a world of difference. Back then I was a new convert and knew little of God’s word and will. But… I can still remember clearly the moment after an inspiring service at a Christmas Christian camp when a man of faith laid his hands on me and prophesied that I could make a world of difference.

Me? Me? I had never been out of Australia!

But then, as his prophecy was concluding, I saw a vision of hundreds of thousands of people from multiplied nations around the world. Kevin Conner, who prophesied over me, finished with the words: ‘You will go to the nations, where God will use you for his glory.’



George Forbes

Missionary statesman Dr George Forbes challenges:

After spending some forty years fully involved in world missions at a leadership level of two mission agencies, I am convinced that it is past time to rethink world missions.

It is urgent that churches and agencies become more strategic in fulfilling the Great Commission through church – planting movements.

Power shift – a biblical prospective
This will mean a ‘power shift where one group loses power and another group gains power.’ Alvin Tofler said this from a natural perspective in the context of a political uprising and the overthrow of a regime. (more…)