(July 28, 2021) Bonnie-Jane shares an encouraging word from her heart…

That 10 Year Challenge Photo/Image Meme phase was popular a while back, and had people reflecting on their past.

As I reminiscence myself, I feel to share some things from my heart and trust they will help someone else who has gone through similar hurtful and damaging experiences in the past as I did. So here goes…

Suffering from a broken heart
Just over some 10 years ago I met someone who at first seemed to be interested in me and a relationship began. But as the months went by he proved to be most insincere and the relationship became an abusive one.

It was a hard and grim time for me. Always considered a gentle-spirited person, easy-going, thoughtful and kind, able to deal with situations, my heart was being broken and even my very personality was changing.

I praise God for his strength to make a most important decision… with his help I decided that enough was enough and broke that relationship!

From depression to renewed confidence
That decision was so important… but now I was feeling that I would never find anyone who genuinely cared and whom I could trust.

A deep sense of depression and loss within was also hindering me and trying to regain my confidence once more was very difficult. However I had my parents, Steve and Wendy, and others praying for me and by God’s grace I made it through!

I thank the Lord that it wasn’t long before I met my amazing Matthew, who became my husband.

Matthew is so loving, so sincere and genuine. He has brought me so much strength and happiness. I began feeling at peace, knowing I am really loved.

And this time, love has been real and we were married a couple of years ago by my Poppa, Dr Robert McQuillan.

Sure I’ve had ups and downs as anyone in a real, meaningful marriage has, but this man has stood by me supporting me in every way possible. I love you my gorgeous Persian prince! More happiness was to be mine.

Moving on
I’m a professional carer and had to leave a position I had for over nine years which besides the hangovers from that abusive relationship was also hard. I struggled within regarding new employment decisions.

But then I considered the young man who would become husband. Matthew has had a much harder time here in Australia. He began his new life here as an asylum seeker, starting with nothing and speaking very little English. But he was, and still is, so determined to overcome every challenge and move on, trusting the Lord.

Matthew has proved himself in so many ways – he’s a top plumber and is so well respected. He’s very successful in his job working on new home projects… and his success and love for me still brings me hope to carry on determinately myself!

Personally, I am a stronger person because of Matthew.

Looking ahead
Now I had needed more than the traditional relaxing in a bath and moping in self-pitying moodiness… and I got what I really needed. I needed love and assurances from God and others.

My parents strengthened me too. Dad and Mum have also had their own struggles over the years – Dad had a serious motorcycle accident some 25 years ago and Mum had to build a new career for herself to support us, her family.

They’ve been a great example to me and have given me the support and love I needed, especially through that destructive wrong relationship time – always being there for me – and continue to do so!

Proverbs 16:3 promises, ‘Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.’ Matthew and I did so and I found the right new job position. Just knowing I have such a supportive husband and loving family around me keeps me going.

More happiness was to be mine… ours. Four months ago Matthew and I had our first baby, beautiful Avaleigh Grace! She is such a joy to us and our family. Even Poppa and Grandma highlighted our precious little one in their Wigglesworth Challenge article this month!

What about you?
Had bad life experiences? Been hurt deeply in your heart and wondering about your future?

You may be feeling that there’s nothing that can fix it but if you dare to trust God and hold tight to promises such as Proverbs 16:3 above and I Peter 5:7, ‘Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you’ the Lord will strengthen and bless you too.

My encouragement is that God has answers that we haven’t even begun to imagine. Dare to commit your broken heart to him. He is the great healer as I discovered.

As for Matthew and me, we’re trusting God for everything we may need the rest of this year. And in trusting the Lord I say this: Here’s to moving on into a great next year too… into whatever else God has planned for us!

May it be so for you too! If I can encourage you, write me at


  1. Great testimony! God is indeed faithful and trustworthy, even — especially — when we think there is no possible happy ending after the choices we’ve made. Thank you for sharing your story. And Avaleigh is so precious!

  2. Thank you for sharing your heart, Bonnie-Jane, in an honest and open manner. I trust the Lord will use your story to strengthen and encourage others — as he does with Poppa and Grandma. The words of a song say, ‘He’s the healer of broken hearts.’ How good he has healed and blessed you and Matthew and given the precious gift of Avaleigh Grace. As a family the Lord bless you and keep you, the Lord make his face to shine on you, the Lord lift up the light of his countenance on you and give you peace.

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