(September 18, 2021) David McGuire missionary to Romania, shares…

The world is in a mess but with Jesus there is life and life in abundance!

He makes a way where the world says stop!

Our thanks to who have praying for us… your continued care and support has made so much come to pass.

A very busy summer indeed with no stopping!
I have so many pictures from this summer! Such the one below showing one of two houses that were built in Tigmandru, one for a family of six and the other for a single elderly lady.

Both situations were cases of homelessness and completed with provision coming from American Christian friends and a northern Irish charity (Project Romania), praise the Lord.

And here’s a photo showing Tigmandru church trip out to the zoo for the kids who come to the weekly Bible group we do. Provision also came in to bless the teenagers who attend the same church go to a three-day Christian camp.

Other highlights

  • A week’s trip to Bucharest was to work again on building showers and toilets for a church that ministers to people who live on the street, we did also a service there and had an evening visit to Teen Challenge that was started in the 60s by David Wilkerson.
  • Romania has a place for ex-drug addicts, where we were able to share and pray for each of the 20+ people who are going through rehab.
  • Weekly distribution happens most weeks to poor villages and this is an outreach where we also serve hotdogs drinks.
  • Fortunately we have chairs for the sick to come and receive prayer and, praise God, many are healed by the Holy Spirit.
  • Such outreaches are in many villages where we’re working with local churches or ministry teams that go a lot to these places.
  • A new church opened up in Cris near Danes, equipping and helping to do up a building. The men who serve there have helped in this summer’s work and will continue doing so into the autumn with the practical and spiritually assistance.
  • Rodica with Miheala Mihi do a weekly ladies Bible study in Tigmandru. 
  • Cristi and Hodu, sponsored by AMEN UK Charity, with several volunteers are helping me as they can.
  • I’m continuing to run a weekly kids group there with food and a DVD Bible story and this is followed by adults Bible study.

We as a family are very grateful to all who pray and support us as a family and the work and persons around us from the body of Christ.

I also want to mention also how God has blessed and helped us through Stoneworks International and friends from Australia with the children’s ministry.

Teaching vision fulfilled
The vision the Lord gave us to equip those who are growing in him across the denominational lines with teachings on prophetic/healing evangelism/spiritual warfare/how to prepare a message, the calling of God/giving/ was done over three days to 15 students using four teachers.

  • American missionary Michael Cantrell taught on prophecy, 
  • Relu Criturean, church of the Nazarene pastor how to prepare a message,
  • Albert Enns, Bible college missionary shared on the calling of God,
  • I taught on spiritual warfare, giving, healing and evangelism, with Rodica doing all the translating except for one session.

A team of helpers to prepare food and drinks with accommodation and setting at Albert Elviras Bible college near Rupea. Again we thank and praise God for funders AMEN UK Charity and that many were blessed and equipped.

Overall, many from many places and countries have been helped to bring about these events and many have come to Christ, or at least a vital step closer, through all of us witnessing his word and healings that took place. And so many other things that the Lord knows about.

On reflection
Personally, on reflection I want to give a great big thank you to all who support us, especially through prayer and of course to the Lord himself.

And to my dear and very active wife, Rodica and young daughter Sabrinayou both are very precious and important to me and Jesus.

To all who desire to serve the Lord in this day when the world is in such a mess… remember that Jesus is the giver of life: more abundant life here and now and in eternity (John 10:10, 10:28, 12:25). I encourage you… despite lockdowns and related limitations, find some way of serving the Saviour and enriching the kingdom.

Value life and seize the day! Remember that great old saying – carpe diem!


David and Rodica McGuire are missionaries in Sighișoara and have built many houses for the poor in that area, especially among the gypsy communities, as well as outreaching to children who have never heard of Jesus, using cartoon DVDs. Link:

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  1. So true, Lord bless you as you continue to serve him in this ministry and it was encouraging to read about the support for the ministry through ‘Project Romania’ in Northern Ireland.

    1. Thanks, Brian. It’s always encouraging to read responses from readers/appreciaters like you. Blessings.

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