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(November 27, 2021) Maureen McQuillan encourages an anxious ‘Sarah’…

Pastor Maureen… you’re great at answering questions in a very clear way, and easy to understand. Please help me with this query I have… How do I know that I’m really hearing from God? Sarah (Not real name).

Well, ‘Sarah’, to put it briefly… You’ll know that ‘you know that you know that you know!’  Here’s the key: As we grow in the ways of the Lord, we learn to become so sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit, to his gentle voice. And we’re aware that it’s he who is guiding us and that we’ve nothing to be afraid of.

Let me share something that I felt in my inner being to say to… oh, let’s call her ‘Jean.’ This lady, a Christian too, had determined to move on in life, leave her suburb and start afresh as it were. But as she was telling me that she didn’t think she would get much for her old home as it needed work done to it, I immediately felt to say, ‘No, I believe you’re going to get an amazing price for it, Jean. You believe it too.’

A simple word of encouragement but I felt was from the Lord and didn’t hesitate to speak it… in faith, Well, she couldn’t quite take it on board at first as it seemed impossible… but guess what happened? Yes, her home sold quickly and for many, many thousands of dollars more than she had perceived! Jean is now a changed lady, with great hope in her heart for a much better lifestyle.

Now I don’t take any credit. Knowing in my heart that it was God, I merely ‘reached out to bless, a helping one’s neighbour as it were.’ But I was just so aware, from previous experiences whereby I know that I can trust my God, that the Lord was wanting to bless this lady and was using me. Because God is a spirit and invisible, some people often wonder if they’re really hearing him speaking to them in their heart (or head), or if they’re hearing voices, even the devil or it’s their own imagination or wishful thinking.

But this sensing words ‘in our head’ is like this: We’re suddenly aware of phrases in our mind (or as some would say, our ‘spiritual ear.’) The next step is to let them drop down into our heart and settle there. Experience will cause us to feel confident that we can share what we’re sensing as a word from the Lord to someone. No pressure is felt, but one will sense if God wants us to act promptly.

There are a few other thoughts to help you, Sarah…

  • God’s spoken word to our spirit will always line up with his written word.
  • Naturally, there must be faith but we will sense peace in our heart.
  • Experience is great teacher.

Maturing in our Christianity through meditating on the word, regularly praying about everything and growing in trusting God in all matters, ensures that we will know when we are really hearing from him, not Satan or letting fleshly hopes and imagination run wild.

Experience is part of the great journey of growing in Christ and trusting the Holy Spirit’s ways. In time you’ll even feel bold enough to share with non-Christians. They’ll wonder how you knew, but you’ll know it was the Lord getting their attention through you.

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