(July 8) Ross and Donna, Mandate Ministries, share greetings – and concerns – from Chiang Mai, northern Thailand…

With a boat load of supplies for the displaced Ka-ren people living in Myanmar, we travelled with our team up-river from the Thailand side to a camp on the Myanmar side.

For decades, the Ka-ren people have been under attack from the Myanmar military. Aerial bombing and ground troop attacks have decimated many of their villages. Many men, women and children have been killed – and now land mines are being placed around churches.

Last week a young boy went to a church to ask for help, stood on a mine and had his leg blown off!

At the camp we visited, 16 and 17 years-old boys patrolled the perimeter with M-16 rifles, on the lookout for Myanmar military troops.

Needy people
Many of the Ka-ren people cannot go back to their villages or farm their fields. We have been able to help with bags of rice, noodles, fruit, canned fish, clothes, and daily necessities.

We met one lady with a small baby (pictured below) who explained to us that the baby’s mother, her niece, had died in childbirth. There are no doctors in this area and the ladies give birth in their homes. Now this lady is looking after the baby, who cannot drink regular milk, only baby formula.

They don’t have access to any, so when we got back to the Thailand side, we bought several boxes of formula and arranged for it to be shipped to the camp.

As well as helping with these material needs, we were also able to pray for them, encourage them and distribute Bibles and Christian materials in the Ka-ren language.

Pathfinders book
This book that we developed as a training manual for the churches in China and distributed to many areas throughout the country. Now we’ve been able to use it among Ka-ren children to encourage and bless them.

Church leaders asked us for 10,000 copies to use for training their emerging leaders.

Chiang Mai opportunities
Back in our new home base in Thailand, the Lord had been blessing our Mandate Ministries.

Wonderful doors of ministry in Chiang Mai have opened to us in local churches, and for our leadership training programs.

We thank the Lord for the opportunity to work with the wonderful men and women of God here and for His incredible favour. Your prayers will be appreciated.

Update on Donna
Thank you for your prayers for Donna. Here’s an update in her own words:

‘We have returned from the USA where I saw a spinal surgeon and he didn’t recommend surgery at this point, but did arrange for an epidural steroid injection. This has really helped so I’m glad I was able to get this injection the day before we left – that was a miracle in itself.

‘I’m not taking any medication and have learned a few things to avoid doing. They say it’s not a permanent fix but I’m hoping it will last indefinitely. So with lots of prayer, God’s help, and medical science, I’m believing for a pain-free life!

‘I was able to attend a Thai wedding and dinner recently that lasted for about four hours, mostly sitting, and there was only some discomfort briefly. I couldn’t have sat on a hard seat for more than a few minutes before that injection… so PTL! Thanks again for your faithful prayers and support of our ministry to Asia.’

Request: Please pray for…

  • The displaced 1,000,000+ minorities of Myanmar
  • Their safety and protection
  • Encouragement and faith growth
  • Much needed supplies to reach them
  • Peace in Myanmar
  • Effective distribution and use of the Pathfinders Book
  • Our ministry in leadership development with the Thai churches
  • Total healing and recovery for Donna.


Ross and Donna, Mandate Ministries, have been missionaries to Asia for many years. Recently relocated to Chiang Mai, they are working with local pastors and church-planters, developing in-service leadership training programs that address challenges and issues unique to this area of Thailand. Link via

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