(October 03, 2022) Ross and Donna, Mandate Ministries, share from Chiang Mai, northern Thailand…

Greetings from Chiang Mai! Thanks again for your faithful prayers and support of our ministry here.

The following are some recent highlights.

Ka-ren Bible School ‘invasion’
What an amazing time we had at a five-day training program for Ka-ren pastors, evangelists, and Bible students at the Ka-ren Bible School! Absolutely love those guys! I (Ross) shared the teaching with Donna, and my stepson, Adam from USA.

We had a powerful time in God’s presence during the sessions. We absolutely love it when the Holy Spirit ‘invades’ our meetings.

We’ve learned so much from these Ka-ren people about hungering and thirsting after God.

We feel very honoured to have played a small part in their preparation and development as they reach out to the communities near the Thai/Myanmar border.

Kingdom Life Church
The Sunday after the training, Adam was invited to speak at Kingdom Life Church. It was a powerful time with the Holy Spirit ministering to attenders.

The interpreter broke down during the message, so the pastor’s wife had to be subbed in! Many people came forward to be prayed for, lots of tears and lots of joy!

Kingdom Builders Conference
Ross was invited to speak at the annual Kingdom Builders Conference here in Chiang Mai. The demographic ratio of the conference was about 50/50 Thais and foreigners, so all the messages had to be bi-lingual.

In the morning session Ross interpreted from Thai to English for Pastor Boy. In the afternoon it was payback time, and Pastor Boy had to interpret from English to Thai for Ross. More Holy Spirit good times!

Refugee Assistance
We continue to help displaced Ka-ren people in Myanmar as well as those who have fled the atrocities inflicted on them and are now living in Thailand. (See our July report Assisting the Displaced Ka-ren People)

We want to bless an impoverished Ka-ren village on the Thai side of the border with Christmas gifts for each child and a food package for each family. We also want to continue to help the displaced people in Myanmar with much needed food and supplies. (If you would like to help by donating funds see the link below).

Sadly bombing continues in Kareeni
The Myanmar military junta are still bombing and strafing many of the tribal groups within Myanmar. Recently they bombed a village including a church in Karenni state, resulting in deaths and many injured.

Above… killed children/ various tragedies/children forced to study in foxholes to avoid the relentless bombing.     

Thanks again for your faithful prayers and support of our ministry to Asia. We would further ask…

Please Pray For –  

  • The 1,000,000+ displaced minorities of Myanmar
  • Their safety and protection
  • Encouragement and faith
  • Much needed supplies to reach them
  • Overall peace in Myanmar
  • Our ministry in leadership development in North Thailand
  • Our ministry to the Thai churches in Thailand.

Thanks again for your continuing prayers and support of our ministry to Asia.


Ross and Donna, Mandate Ministries, have been missionaries to Asia for many years. Based in  Chiang Mai, they work with local pastors and church-planters, developing in-service leadership training programs that address challenges and issues unique to this area of Thailand. Link via

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