(July 24, 2022) Robert McQuillan encourages a young believer…

Dear Dr Robert

I’ve heard you talk about the joy of ‘falling into the arms of the Holy Spirit and knowing His peace, comfort and security.’ I’m a relatively new Christian… please tell me more. Billy (sorry, not my real name).

Dear ‘Billy’

Discovering more about our Holy Spirit is always precious, even eye-opening. Let me firstly say that He, who is the third person of the Godhead, is our friend (John 14:16Mge).

Friend… the Greek word here is paraklētos – comforter, consoler, advocate, intercessor – which tells us a lot about this great friend! We all need comforting at times! John also referred to this special friend in John 14:26, 15:26 and 16:7.

Jesus, who would be returning to heaven after His resurrection from the dead and then leaving His disciples (Acts 1:9-10), promised a new friend as He wouldn’t be around physically anymore; someone who would assist them in building His church. See also John 14:16-17, and Jesus’ words of John 15:26 and Luke 24:49. That new friend is the blessed Holy Spirit.

There’s so much trouble in the world today, a time when we really need the Holy Spirit’s peace. I’ve just spoken to a friend who has been with his company for 25 years and, as business has gone ‘incredibly dry sales-wise and existing customers are so nasty over non-delivery on back orders due to shortage of supplies,’ he is now wondering where his future lies and if God is wanting him to seek another job.

The advice I gave him was to, along with his wife, pray about it all and expect the Holy Spirit to speak to his heart and lead him. Then I prayed with him, asking in Jesus’ name that the Holy Spirit would give him peace. Now I was praying over the phone, but guess what? He felt… sensed… the Spirit’s touch on him where he was standing in that store… and thanked me for my timely call!

I too have felt such a blessed waft of peace fall over me. I’d be praying about a situation and out-of-the-blue I sensed the Holy Spirit gently flow over me to the extent that I was actually willing to fall backwards. I felt such an assurance that I’d be falling into His unseen arms… that if I did fall down, all would be all right, I wouldn’t be hurt!

I can but say, Billy, that the sensation is unique. One is so aware that one is in a euphoric state, and you stand there mesmerised, in peace and at peace. It’s quite unique. Of course, we don’t have to fall down if someone is praying over us (unless there’s a catcher attending a church prayer line!) … we can still feel, enjoy, His presence.

What I particularly want to share is about when Jesus rose from the dead and mysteriously appeared ‘out of nowhere’ into the locked room where His frightened disciples were (John 20:26). Well, they could have been really scared. They had thought all was lost when Jesus was taken away to be tried. condemned and crucified. They had forsaken Him, betrayed Him and now He could have ripped into them, heavily chastising those fearful so-called friends.

But He didn’t! Instead, He warmly greeted them with a precious, gentle ‘G’day.’ No, not the Ozzie greeting, not even the traditional Jewish ‘Shalom’ but… ‘Peace be with you!

Peace? That was ‘Eirene be yours’… a word indicating, in this case, ‘rest, security, safety, quietness, tranquillity state of a soul reassured (especially of nothing between the individual and God, and freedom from secular problems).’

That’s what comes over you in ‘falling back into the arms of the comforting, invisible, blessed Holy Spirit.’ You sense it, experience it, and just know that you know that you know something special is happening! You feel so at ease, so relaxed… as if you’re in a unique dream and when you come out of it, you feel so refreshed, so blessed, so assured, so comforted that all is well, and will be well, no matter what’s ahead.

I sensed this myself a few months ago when Maureen and I prayed about a particular course of treatment that the medical profession wanted me to begin after my colon operation. Praise God for the hospital team, and how I’d been treated successfully: but we both felt to decline the further, involved ‘just-in-case’ procedure that had been suggested.

That night as we committed everything to God, before I could say ‘Amen’ incredible peace fell on me such as I haven’t felt for some time! Wow! And I’ve been able to move on knowing the peace of the Spirit and I’ve make new decisions regarding the future, and my ministry for Jesus.

Another memory comes to me that will also encourage you… a dear lady approached me in church years ago, sharing how she was so concerned about a fatal illness that had struck her. I naturally prayed for healing where she sat… but then felt led to pray that the special eirene peace be hers. You should have seen the joy that came over her, Billy. I shared what eirene is, and in ensuing days would be praying again for her, even over the phone. That eirene peace strengthened her, helped her through until there came the moment when it was her time to go to heaven. I take no credit… all glory goes to Jesus!

I trust this helps and encourages you, Billy. In short, it’s a special moment when you know that you know something is happening to you within and you receive strength, and encouragement to move ahead, go on in Christ.
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