(September 19, 2022) Sabrina McGuire, 14-year-old daughter of missionaries to Romania, shares her first mission camp experiences…

The title above is a question I’ve asked myself many times before… and recently found some answers.

I had a great opportunity to go to a YWAM Christian camp where there were teachings on spiritual warfare, prophecy and many other subjects. Great teachings… but yet my heart  hungered for more. I never truly knew how to really practise Christianity in the real world… and I wanted to!

Blessing people
Fortunately we campers were told that our second week of camp was a mission trip to different locations in Romania. During that week we did volunteer work for churches, kids and food bases… and it proved to be a great way of blessing people as well as being blessed ourselves.

The smiles on peoples’ faces, especially happy kids, brought us more joy than any present or surprise that could ever be given to us!

My own favourite moment of this trip was the day I had to translate for a less fortunate family that needed  desperate help with health issues and food.

Leaders were looking at each other confused, not knowing what to do or say, because they were being asked for a huge amount of money that they didn’t have.

Then I thought for a minute: ‘What if I could just pray for them? It wouldn’t solve all their problems, but I’m sure it could bring some sort of peace.’

Moving in the Spirit
So I asked one mother if she was feeling sick, or spiritually down, and she told me that she had had very bad stomach pains for the past few weeks.

I remembered the teaching about healing sicknesses, and about how some demonic power could be behind such, so I asked permission to pray over her. As I started praying, I spoke in tongues – one of my first experiences in the Holy Spirit.

Suddenly she felt all her pain leave her body! And she started jumping up and down, dancing and praising the Lord for this miracle. Then I asked if she wanted to except Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour and she agreed! It brought me so much joy that God was able to use me to do his work of helping his people.

Living a life of love
Through the experiences I had that week, I realised that God has a plan for each and every one of us! And that includes you – if you have enough courage to stand strong for what you believe is right!

You can help change so many lives, even if you just bless someone with a food bag of bread – or just a friendly hug! It can bring a smile to their faces… which is something any Christian can do if you’re not too proud to do it. And the Holy Spirit can challenge them about accepting Jesus as Saviour.

To this day I still have many questions about God and Christianity… but what I do know is that I want to live a life of kindness and love – which I believe should be the lifestyle of every Christian.

Sabrina’s parents, David and Rodica McGuire, are missionaries in Sighișoara. They have built many houses for the poor in that area, especially among the gypsy communities, as well as outreaching to children who have never heard of Jesus, using cartoon DVDs. Sabrina is following her parent’s footsteps! Link: OnlinerConnect@gmail.com  


  1. We are never too young to allow the Holy Spirit to move through us, Sabrina. The Lord bless and strengthen you. The apostle Paul said to Timothy, ‘God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.’ The Lord will help you with questions, lean on His word, He will also help you to serve Him as is the desire of your heart.

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