(September 24, 2022) Robert McQuillan shares a recent incident… er…problem.

Problem – situation, person, or thing that needs attention and needs to be dealt with or solved (Cambridge Dictionary).

A few weeks back I had a problem, to me a big problem!

Don’t exactly know how it happened, exactly what happened… but suddenly it had and I was rocked for a moment! Blood was flowing unstopped from the long slice in my middle right finger. No pain but unstoppable bleeding!

I had been feeling so relaxed after encouraging a friend on the phone. My mobile had buzzed when I upstairs about to change into my pyjamas and intending to return to Maureen to enjoy some old (Yes, those who know me have guessed it!) John Wayne DVD before retiring for the night. (No doubt Maureen would sighingly comment, ‘Not John Wayne… again.’ But, bless her, agree to watch).

Anyway, I took the call, sitting on the edge of the bed to relax as I listened to my friend’s concerns… and to drink from a cold glass of juice that I had with me, as our conversation went on.

I spent some time encouraging the caller, giving wise advice and counsel – and biblical explanations and examples. Then I prayed and he had felt becalmed and released and we’d said goodnight. And I stepped into the ensuite to place the now empty, heavy glass on the vanity bench top.

I was feeling quite at ease – maybe I was feeling too at ease with myself having been used by the Holy Spirit to help someone at a late hour and wasn’t watching what I was really doing– I don’t know. But suddenly I was aware of the noise of breaking glass – a resounding racket to me – and that I was only placing half a glass on the benchtop, that broken glass was ‘everywhere’ on the floor at my feet and blood was running from my finger!

What had happened, I wondered. Instead of placing the glass straight onto the bench, I must have somehow crashed it against the stone bench’s edge and half had cracked off! Instantly my brain swung into action… or did it? Afterall I only have a man’s brain which isn’t always very clever at times (Yes, yes, I hear you ladies sniggering and agreeing, saying, ‘Amen, brother, preach it!).

All I could think of was how to get the bleeding stopped and I turned the cold water on to run over my finger. Needless to say it didn’t stop the bleeding. That was the wrong thing to do! One shouldn’t keep running cold water as I was doing. The blood didn’t stop flowing from my sliced finger!

Of course in trying to take my mind of the broken glass and the flowing blood, I instantly became spiritual… thanking my Lord that to save all us sinners on Calvary’s cross He had lost more blood than I was losing and thinking ‘Surely, Lord, you can stop this bleeding.’ True reflection… but, no, it didn’t stop my bleeding.

Then the other side of my brain kicked in… All those bits of broken glass on the tiles beneath and behind me! What will Maureen say if she comes up and sees the mess! Woe is me, Lord, for I am undone! I’m in big trouble… Maureen had earlier washed the floor and tidied things up! What do I do? Oh my finger, it won’t stop bleeding!

Think, think, Robert, think. Oh if only one of my doctorates was a medical one, I’d know what to do! Wisely, humbly I asked the Lord – Dr Jesus! – for help!

Looking down at the floor I apologised in advance to Maureen and, finger bleeding away in the basin, I stretched my left leg over as far as I could and began to ‘shovel’ pieces together with my foot. Yes, my thoughts were for Maureen but, I was also thinking, oh what a caper!

Bit by bit, I somehow got most of the various pieces together and also found some tissues to tightly wrap around my finger… so tight, really tight. Turning the water off, I gingerly went downstairs to find Maureen and try to explain my way out of what had happened.

What would Maureen say? No doubt probably call me stupid, saying, ‘Typical man! Never run water on a clean cut!’ And complain about some mess she would be finding upstairs!

But no, she didn’t! In fact, she didn’t say a word, but with sympathy and great care, unwrapped the bloodied tissues and so gently attended to my need. It was too late to go to the local doctor and the nearest hospital is some 30 minutes away. Getting some first aid stuff Maureen became my Florence Nightingale, cleaning the long, wide cut.

Then a thought came to her and she remembered an antibiotic wound healing ointment that puts a film on such cuts and ‘a form of stitching’ begins. Maureen had used it successfully on herself some time back and it was in our SUV. So she quickly got it and applied it, finishing off her ‘nursing ministry’ that night with a few Band-Aids and some bandaging.

I had just stood there, speechless. Not because I was in pain  or had nothing to say. I was once again feeling so blessed and grateful to God that I have an incredible loving and caring wife.

Yes, all joking about daft husbands aside, Maureen could have said a few hurtful words. But that’s not my wife! With genuine love, caring and compassion, she quietly ministered to me and my need.

Noted inventor Thomas A. Edison is quoted as saying, ‘A man’s best friend is his wife.’ He was right! Charles H. Spurgeon is noted for this: ‘A good wife and health is a man’s best wealth.’ One quote (source unknown) that I really like is… ‘God and a good wife are the two best things a man can have.’

To my treasure, I said softly, ‘Thank you, darling’ to which Maureen simply responded, ‘Now have a cup of tea and relax.’ And, rolling her eyes, added, ‘I suppose I’d better go upstairs to my real work and see what mess there is.’ We both smiled. And Maureen said thoughtfully, ‘You’ll be okay tonight. Try not to bend that finger or lie on it. I’ll change the dressing tomorrow.’ Actually, I slept so well that night… thanks to prayer, trusting God and… my ‘lady with the lamp.’

Admittedly, it’s been difficult these past couple of weeks trying to type with that big bandage, but with Maureen’s continued nursing, I’ve got through and now my finger is almost like with the proverbial ‘new baby skin.’ Later, on checking with my doctor, he had commented that such a deep gash could have had stitches, but that it had healed.

Where  are I heading with all this, you’re thinking?

  • Wives… Proverbs 18:22 says that a good wife is a blessing – a treasure – from the Lord. I believe that… and I know that Maureen in so many ways has been, and is, a good wife, a treasure to me all these 61+ years! I tell her that she’s my treasure, that I know I would never have moved ahead in life, in ministry for that matter, had it not been for her. May you too be a treasure to your hubby!
  • Guys… remember Proverbs 31? The wise writer extols a good wife. Verse 20 (Message Bible) comes to mind… ‘She’s quick to assist anyone in need.’ In the above incident ‘anyone’ was me! The good wife was my own ‘nurse’ Maureen. So many times in our long marriage Maureen has been there for me, uncannily knowing exactly what to do.

I’m so blessed knowing my Lord and having a Spirited-filled wife so knowledgeable and capable in so many ways: someone that I know is always there for me. I have no hesitation in confessing that I’d be lost without Maureen!’ She has always been there for me… a good wife in every way, instantly knowing what to do in unexpected circumstances. Yet when praised up, she humbly says, ‘Oh I don’t know. I just feel led to do whatever I do.’

I also remind you of Solomon’s words in Proverbs 31:10-12, ‘A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies. Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value. She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life.’

Verse 31 in the CJB (Complete Jewish Bible) version, reads, ‘Her husband trusts her from his heart, and she will prove a great asset to him.’  Proverbs 18:22NTL declares: ‘The man who finds a wife finds a treasure, and he receives favour from the Lord.’ CJB use this wording… ‘finds a great good.’ Without going into it in-depth, that’s an inference meaning such a wife is indeed someone special whereby we guys are not only blessed by our beloved but by God Himself!

No wonder Solomon also wisely advises in Ecclesiastes  9:9, ‘Relish life with the spouse you love each and every day of your precarious life’ adding ‘ Each day is God’s gift’ (Message version quoted).

Guys… do you acknowledge each new day as a gift from God to you? Married? Do you acknowledge your wife, your life partner as another precious gift to you, a great blessing from God?

For that matter, do you really acknowledge each new God-given day and Jesus Christ as your Saviour, the one who gave His life for you on Calvary’s tree? He shed more than a bleeding finger for you, indeed for all sinful humankind!

Well… sharing about my problem has turned out being a –

  • Respection regarding my dearest treasure,
  • Reflection of scripture,
  • Recollection that Jesus loves us so much, and
  • Reminder that we husbands should always be thankful for God’s gift of our life’s partner and honour our wife in every way!

Yes, our wives ‘serve’ us in so many different ways – but they are not slaves! May our caring, love for them, respect for them not only encourage and uplift them, but be pleasing to God and a witness to others who don’t treat their wife as they should!

I called this blog ‘Problems.’ Psalm 142:2NIRV tells us David’s answer to troubles: ‘I pour out my problem to Him.’


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  1. Amen Robert. Wives are so often ‘problem solvers’ in practical and spiritual issues, and we guys too easily fail to appreciate their worth as God given ‘helpmates’ who we should cherish more often than we (I) do.

    1. Thank you, Mamalava. Yes… it’s great to have the blessed Holy Spirit as our dearest friend! What a honour, privilege we Christians have! And I praise God for Maureen, my other closest best friend! Hallelujah! I’m also thankful for other friends, such as yourself! God bless you.

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