(September 23, 2022) K.C. Dipak from Nepal shares about his journey in Christ.

Although I was born into a Hindu family in Nepal, my mother used to go to church every Sunday. But my sister Shanti and I never accompanied her. There came a time when my father left us alone and went to India without telling his whereabouts. Sadly, he has never returned to us.

Mother had to work so hard as a domestic to fed us all… they were difficult times. One day, during my early teens, Shanti got very sick, and although Mother took her to many doctors and government hospitals, she did not respond to treatments.

Extremely concerned, Mother decided to invite her pastor to pray for Shanti. Instead of just praying in the church, he came to our home and prayed over my sister and within two weeks, she fully recovered, praise God! This was a great miracle for my family and in May 2013 my sister and I started going to church regularly. 

In November of that year Pastor D.K. Daniel gave me the BIBLECOR (Nehemiah Bible College’s Bible correspondence course) application form to complete and send back to Chennai. He told me that this was a free course from which I would learn a basic knowledge about the Bible and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Within 10 days of having mailed that form, I received the beautiful book entitled New Life For You and started reading it the first week of December. I immediately felt something very different within me. 

In reading about sin, I immediately repented before God for all my sins and mistakes; that very day, I accepted our Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour. After completing the book, I filled in the enclosed question paper and sent it to Chennai for correction.

To my joy, I got distinction and received a beautiful certificate… which is still a treasure to me. In becoming a Christian family we were very happy. And my sister got a good job to help shoulder our needs. Then, in December the following year, I was water baptised.

In the beginning of 2015, I have started studying Nehemiah Bible College’s theological correspondence course. I studied seven books for six months and passed with first class. This gave me good theological knowledge which proved very useful in my ministerial life that the Lord has brought me into. 

I was assisting my pastor in all church activities, and he gave the opportunity to gain ministerial experiences, even to learn to the guitar. Within a year, I was able to play guitar in my church.

After finishing my higher secondary studies, I thought of studying theology and was looking for a good residential college. Since I was receiving the monthly magazine Echo of His Call regularly, I found an advertisement about the ministry’s Nehemiah Bible College residential program. My pastor suggested that I study for a diploma in theology (a DTh) in that Bible college in Chennai, about 1650 km (about 1030m) away.

This meant leaving my family and it was June 2018 before I could go to Chennai to attend the college for my chosen course. Happily, I learned so much from this college, especially about discipline and time management; also I had great field work exposure. Over the next year of four semesters, we covered subjects such as…

  • Bible study methods and biblical theology
  • Old Testament and New Testament survey, and Pauline Epistles
  • Poetical books, major and minor prophets
  • Ages and Dispensation, church history
  • Pastoral theology, discipleship, and leadership
  • Religious beliefs and English language.

Called to serve
My professors were experienced theologians, and I was able to learn theology very clearly. I strongly believe thatmy Bible college experience, with its pastoral and leadership teachings, was a wonderful opportunity given me by our Lord. I graduated on June 15, 2019… the most enthralling day of my life!

After graduation, I became an assistant pastor with our church for about one year. I also became a worship leader. I am now an ordinated pastor in the New Life Gospel Church, Lalitpur, Nepal.

Our blessed Lord has elevated me in this level due to – and I say this humbly – my hard work and commitment… principles that I learned at Nehemiah Bible College. And I know that I have been called for one purpose – to serve my Saviour and, with great hope and trust, and fulfill His wishes. 

Below are some photos of our church… music team and worshippers.

Kindly pray for the growth of our church… and for our mission to reach more unreached groups in Nepal.

Nehemiah Bible College, and Echo of His Call church and ministries, Chennai were founded by Dr S Sam Selva Raj. For countless years his own commitment to serve Christ has seen many community outreaches established, blessing thousands. Dr Sam has been an inspiration to such as Pastor Dipak and many others. Links: Slavery to Servantship to Success /  

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  1. Lord bless you Dipak and praise Him for how He has guided and used your life. May He indeed help you and your church family to continue to labour for Him in your part of the harvest field.

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