(April 30, 2023) Maureen McQuillan shares…

Well, Robert has mentioned that experience I had of sensing the Holy Spirit was preparing me to be on TV (Dare to say-Yes Lord). I’ve written about this before, but thought I’d share again to encourage you to trust the leadings of the Holy Spirit.

Although I’d been in sales for many years and regarded as top sales consultant in respect of the products my company handled, I’d never been on TV!

A shock surprise
The incident goes back to the ’70s when ‘somehow’ I was given an unexpected ‘grand tour’ of an interstate country television station while over there on a business trip. Passing by a live daytime talk show being televised, I paused to observe the proceedings.

Suddenly I heard that ‘quiet, still voice’ of the Spirit whisper to me, ‘One of these days you’ll be doing that.’

It was a classic situation where you immediately shake your head and feel that it was nothing more than your imagination or wishful thinking. I should have known better! Twice more I was to hear that same quiet voice repeating those scary words to my spirit.

No way, I immediately thought! After all, I had neither the experience nor the desire to be on TV, especially to be watched by countless thousands.

‘By the way…’
Then two months later my company boss informed me on a Friday night that he had booked prime TV time for the following Monday morning with a very popular presenter, casually adding,  ‘And, by the way, Maureen, you’ll be there on the program promoting our products.’

Who me? Help! Time to panic! Time to reason with them that I’d never done any TV work before, that little me couldn’t go live on TV, even for a short segment and certainly not at such short notice. That I…

But then I heard again that calming soft voice of the Spirit. This time reminding me that He’d already prepared me for this moment by gently telling me in advance, that this was a door of opportunity, that all would be okay as I trusted Him.

I immediately sensed an unusual John 20:19 peace (eirene) within and agreed to go on. Admittedly it was an edgy weekend… and I did a lot of praying, and trusting! (Robert, bless him, did so too).

Monday morning saw me seated opposite the show’s host and, even though no explanation of what the director’s hand signals would mean was given to me, we were off and running.

The Holy Spirit helped me and the segment proved an instant winner and a commercial success.

Listen to and trust the Holy Spirit
We can call anytime on our friend the Spirit (John 14:16 parakletos)for His wisdom, strength and back-up in all matters whether spiritual, business or general life. I certainly did so in that TV situation repeatedly and I was successful. In fact it became a weekly segment and ran for four years on different stations.

Here’s the thing…

It’s impossible for me to fully relate how many difficulties stuck with me from childhood into adulthood. I really am just a little person – the proverbial five-foot nothing – and I greatly lacked confidence. Can you imagine how it hit little me when told to go on live TV and speak to hundreds of thousands of viewers? Immediately frightening! But knowing God was in it made the difference. Knowing that He had arranged the opportunity, that He was with me, gave me the confidence needed.

The Holy Spirit already had hold of my life since childhood and was now, even through secular means, proving to me how much boldness, confidence, creativity and assurance He can give anyone who asks for His help. Yes, I overcame the inadequacies in my life and was successful as I looked beyond myself and relied totally on Him. And it was all a preparation for the next step!

Since that breakthrough God opened many spiritual doors for me, even across the world, enabling me to confidently minister in the ‘limelight’ on my own and operate supernaturally in the Spirit. Also in ministering effectively with Robert when invited together to churches, camps, leadership sessions, in running marriage and Life in the Spirit conferences, and even businesspeople sessions. Especially when on my own as speaker at ladies meetings and camps, and when counselling.

And especially in trusting the Holy Spirit for everything and boldly moving in His gifts, particularly the prophetic and deep words of knowledge and wisdom to bless the church and mentor ministers.

Trust the Holy Spirit! 
And that ‘one step leads to another’ principle can mean doors of opportunity to witness Jesus to nonChristians opening as we move forward in faith.

Whatever ‘huge door of opportunity for good work’ (1 Corinthians 16:9 Mge) God opens for any of us; we mustn’t let anything, anyone, any lie or any satanic deception hold us back from taking the opportunity.

In this verse Paul warns that when such opportunities appear so does ‘mushrooming opposition.’ If we lack anything or are being hindered by anything, we can ask the Holy Spirit for His assistance and renewed confidence.

I encourage everyone to recognise the Spirit’s gentle whisper, trust Him, and go through any doors of opportunity He opens… for we don’t know where that bold step will lead to!


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  1. What a great reminder and wonderful encouragement, Maureen! You and Robert are a blessing to so many, including me.

    “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” <*\\>< 

  2. It was well worth returning to and encouraging us with this subject, Maureen. Our individual experiences of life and the ‘leading’ of the Holy Spirit may differ yet it reminded me of specific times when I too knew that ‘gentle whisper.’ I still need to hear and follow as much of that whisper if not more in these days than any time past.

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