dr-robert-and-maureen-092016(November 15, 2016) Robert and Maureen McQuillan share some things that some concerned Christians are sharing with other concerned Christians…

‘Where do they get such non-biblical rubbish from?’ asked one concerned young lady.

‘What “rubbish”?’ we asked. ’Do tell.’

‘Well, for example, I’m concerned that certain Christians are always claiming they see Jesus. Seems like someone is always “seeing” Jesus but it’s like who can tell the biggest whopper!’

Another instance of wackiness we hear is someone claimed that Jesus has told them they must hold their hands together and stick their arms straight up in the air to pray and a greater anointing would drop! So other silly Christians, not knowing God’s word nor the Spirit intimately, nodded and agreed, ‘That sounds good’ and the group followed in blind obedience!

Someone else shared that they attended a home group that is into chanting, trying to call down the Holy Spirit. ‘But it sounded more like murmuring,’ they said. (more…)


Robert and Maureen McQuillan write:

A seemingly dumb blonde, Eve, crashes into Adam’s car writing both vehicles off. As they’re all right themselves, she says, ‘God’s reminding us of his grace.’ Adam, a ‘Duh!’ guy, nods.

Eve adds, ‘Oh look… a bottle of expensive wine in my poor car isn’t damaged. God’s telling us that it’s okay to celebrate our safety by having a drink.’ Adam agrees as she hands him the wine. Adam drinks half the bottle, notices Eve hasn’t drunk any. When he queries why not, she says, ‘Oh, I’m just waiting for the cops.’

Some ‘Adams’ never learn! And neither do some Christians in respect to some common-sense matters!