(November 26, 2017) Missionary statesman George Forbes shares some challenging thoughts…

Missions and eschatology! This is possibly the most complicated subject in missions due to the strongly divergent views and outcomes of each eschatologically position taken.

In my experience I have found that many do not realise they have taken a position that affects how they understand the missionary task and its outcomes. They simply believe that the gospel is the power of God to salvation and the gospel is for all nations and are unaware of the problem that begins with the position taken by many – that the church and Israel have different destinies.

Consequently many do not fully consider their obligations to completing the global task of missions. (more…)


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Frontline Foundation’s Pilot Project a continuing success

Tess  AbadillaConnect City Church’s Tess Abadilla, founder and CEO of Frontline Foundations – dedicated to empowering one Filipino community at a time – is delighted to report that its Let Us Sell Goods project is an ongoing success.

‘The Badjao Community Livelihood Cooperative Program (BCLCP) led by Pastor Albert Santiago in Libjo, Batangas City Philippines has completed its first year of implementation. It’s received the complete funding as per its original proposal,’ says Pastor Tess. (more…)