THEBUZZ (Apr 26, 2016)

  • BRITAIN – ‘This Little Light’ has audience raving!
  • SYDNEY – Billy Graham May Evangelism Seminar


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Must watch Youtube’

Going for gold, this fantastic choir – 100 Gospel Choir – received standing ovations during audition.  Their superb presentation of This Little Light and their on-fire enthusiasm really blew the judges and audience away! What an immediate response of joy and applause and feel-good atmosphere.

100 Gospel Choir
God has his ways of grabbing viewers’ attention when people use their God-given talents! (more…)


KEY: Leadership is not about doing what makes people comfortable, it’s about taking them to where they are supposed to go.
Tim Jack


Tim Jack, Apostolic Church Australia National Leadership Team, challenges…

Most would know that keeping a promise is more difficult than making it.

Most would know that to be true, some having experienced it painlessly in the small things of life and others, painfully, in life’s larger issues. (more…)


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Allowing Jesus to use your talent


Author Hope Flinchbaugh shares good news resulting from her honouring God with her talent …

Readers of Across the China Sky, the second novel in my Daughter of China series, will recall the ins and outs of the dangerous eastern Lighting Cult.

Girl saved from a cult
Just recently a university student’s parents called me to say that my book had saved their daughter’s life. Their American daughter was in China and members of the EL cult were following her to coerce her into converting to their cult. (more…)


Dr Robert & Maureen (2)Robert and Maureen McQuillan remind readers that ability is good but that availability is more useful to God.

In Galatians 5, Paul speaks very strongly regarding our freedom in and through Christ. The Message Bible version uses some down-to-earth wording in urging us to get rid of ‘stuff’ – such as ‘a stinking accumulation of mental and emotional garbage…trinket gods; magic-show religion … small-minded and lopsided pursuits’ (v19-20). (more…)