George Forbes 2010Missionary statesman George Forbes – often endeared as ‘the storyteller’ – shares from his compilation of amazing stories from trusted sources in the missionary world…

Missionaries regularly report about the man in white as they continue to see how God is working in the Muslim world. They are praying regularly asking God to give dreams and visions to their Muslim friends as well.

In countries where people have never seen the words of God in written form and they may not even know how to read at all, God is still speaking to them and revealing himself through dreams and visions.

Within the lives of people so entrenched in the rituals and structure of Islam, God is breaking through with dreams and visions. In societies that are already open to the reality of the supernatural – God is showing himself to be a power above all powers, a name above all names. In the still of the night or the calm of a moment, God is using a form of communication that is not new, but instead echoes through generations.

Wakening hands and a voice in the night
In one African country, a young man violently tore up a Bible tract and threatened the life of the Every Home For Christ worker going door-to-door with the literature. The next afternoon as the worker sat in his home, he was shocked to see the man knock at his door.

‘I must have another booklet,’ the Muslim told him. He explained that the previous night two hands awakened him, and when he turned on the light and asked who was there, a voice said, ‘You have torn up the truth.’

The voice, without a body, instructed him to acquire another booklet, directing him to the worker’s home, the young man said. There, he read the booklet and became a believer in Isa (Jesus). He has since been expelled from his wealthy family, lives with a missionary, and is preparing for ministry to his people.

Helped out of a pit
In another incident, several EHFC  workers were distributing literature in a marketplace. A man who received a booklet gasped and said he had a vision of the person pictured on the cover in his dream the night before. In the dream, the man was in a deep pit when a rope was thrown to him and two strong hands pulled him up.

On climbing out, he looked into the face of the man who helped him: Jesus. The workers explained the meaning of the dream and the man was converted on the spot. Later, three other people recounted the same dream and two of them became Christians.

Forgiving attackers leads to visions and their repentance
In Kawuri, (ka-woo-re) Nigeria, a Christian was beaten nearly to death by his tribe for leaving Islam. As the man lay close to death, he asked God to forgive his attackers, unaware that they were listening in the next room.

That night, two Islamic priests who participated in the beating had visions. One said Jesus showed him his three greatest and most private sins. The next day, the two mullahs repented and led eighty followers to a church.

Dreams about Jesus result in countless enquiring letters
The Middle East office of Campus Crusade for Christ has received thousands of letters from Muslims. Many tell of a dream they had where they saw Jesus and he had declared to them, ‘I am the way.’

George Forbes 'visions'


Moved by this compelling dream, they are writing to find out just who Jesus is. Once they know, they freely respond.

Same dream starts Bible study
In Algeria, a number of people discovered they had the very same dream. They began to talk with one another and discovered each had experienced the same dream. The details were the same, and even the words Jesus said to them were the same.

On their own, they have formed a Bible study and are following Christ.

Jesus appears even in a prison
A fanatical Muslim woman had spent four years in prison for her political activities. While there, Jesus appeared to her in her cell. He personally explained redemption and the gospel.

She is now on the Campus Crusade staff – totally sold out to reaching her Muslim people for her Saviour.

The cross – and healing
A rich man in a Muslim country brought his very sick daughter to a Christian hospital. The daughter had been paralysed for four years. They put her in a private room which had a cross hanging on the wall. The man, a devout Muslim, demanded that the cross be taken down at once. Threatened for witnessing in a Muslim country the Christian staff took the cross off the wall.

That evening, a Christian nurse, in her own quiet way, told the sick girl that Christ died on the cross for our sins and he can forgive her sins and heal her. The girl could not sleep that night because she had so many questions.

‘He can heal me? Who is he and where is he? What is this mystery of the cross? Why was my father so angry and so afraid of this cross?’ she wondered. With tears streaming down her cheeks she longed to know more about Isa.

In the quiet of that night, she saw a figure clothed in white. He had a halo of light around his head that filled the whole room. Then she heard his voice, ‘Get up and put the cross back on the wall.’ With fear and trembling she said, ‘I cannot walk.’

Jesus then revealed himself to her and told her, ‘I am Jesus who died on the cross, but I am alive. Get up and walk.’ She got up and took the cross from under her bed and put it back on the wall. Then she turned, but the Lord was no longer there. Realising what had just happened, she started shouting, ‘I saw Isa and he healed me! I can walk, I can walk!’

She called her father who rushed to the hospital and witnessed what had happened. With tears in his eyes, all he could say was, ‘I want to know more about Jesus.’

Leah’s testimony
Leah was a devoted Muslim but began to feel that there was something missing. She started praying to God to show her if the Muslim faith was the truth and soon after that she began to have strange dreams.

In one of these dreams she saw some Christians standing in line to get into heaven. She tried to get into this line also, but a very tall being blocked the path. Leah started to cry because the side she was on was really horrible but the side they were on was a beautiful place, so beautiful, so blue. She could not get this dream out of her mind. It really haunted her.

Then, one day she told her best friend (who was an agnostic) that she was going to take her life. This friend said she remembered some Christian ladies who had come to see her a few times and thought they might be able to help. That same day, Leah met with them and they shared the gospel, and prayed for her. The terrible emptiness began to lift. She started attending church with these ladies and on the second occasion the pastor gave an invitation to receive Christ. Leah was so torn up inside. She fought the Holy Spirit and did not accept his invitation.

But as she was walking out of the service, the Lord spoke to her and said, ‘It is now or never.’ She broke down crying on the sidewalk and said to herself, I must go back to the prayer room where the people were getting prayed for to receive the Lord. As soon as she did that, God removed her burden and she started seeing everything in a new light. Soon Leah began losing friends, but she knew now that God loved her. And that she would never perish.

Why do some of these Muslims dream of Jesus?
A Christian worker noted one common practice among faithful Muslims who dreamed about Jesus. He recounted that during Ramadan, these Muslims are required to pray five times a day to Allah but they have the options to pray six to seven times a day.

In their sixth and seventh prayer, these Muslims have been asking God to reveal himself in any form of vision and let truth reign in their lives. Joel 2:28 says that ‘in the last days, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions.’

Missionaries can tell you other stories – miraculous, incredible stories of visions. Muslims are seeing the risen Christ. Can there be any doubt? Our great, wonderful Lord is calling the Muslim world to himself.

Dr George Forbes is internationally recognised as a missionary statesman with a heart for the lost of the nations. With a wealth of missionary knowledge and a unique ability to communicate the global picture, he is widely known as the ‘storyteller.’ Link: georgeforbes2@gmail.com

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