(October 31, 2022) America’s Mercy Health releases good info each month as part of their concern for everyone in showing the compassion of Jesus, such as the following…

Healthy living? People often de-prioritise their mental health, and it can have serious consequences.

Mental health is just as important as physical health, and really the two go hand in hand. Finding ways to prioritise your mental health is part of a healthy lifestyle.

Why is good mental health important?
The term ‘mental health’ is often linked to specific disorders such as depression. However, mental health covers so much more…

Stress, anxiety, anger and frustration are emotions everyone experiences and are directly tied to their mental well-being. Also, stress and depression have been shown to tax the immune system.  



(October 16, 2021) the late Georgia Cohen RN was famous for her book, Nurse Georgee (see link below). The following is an excerpt, which shares her caring heart …

In my profession as a nurse I’ve had the privilege of assisting many great doctors help patients recovery from illnesses. It’s good to know that many medical professionals believe in God’s healing power or at least are open to the benefits of faith and what is often regarded as ‘spiritual healing.’

In every conversation we engage in to help troubled sick people, our mind should always be focused on looking for a spiritual diagnosis. When an individual does not know Jesus as Saviour, they are spiritually sick. They need the right medicine to treat their illness.

Jesus – the best diagnostician
Jesus is the great physician and has the cure for every spiritual disease and the medicine to cure spiritual sickness is the Bible. Sick people need to meet the great physician, the best diagnostician in the world.

Before I surrendered my life to Christ, my spiritual disease was hopelessness. My sister, Barbara, encouraged me, daily saying, ‘There’s a better way, Georgia, and his name is Jesus.’ I knew the way I was going was disastrous.

Barbara treated my hopeless spiritual disease with the hope we have in Jesus Christ.

We are all doctors for Jesus!
Good doctors always do a complete history and physical on their patients, leaving no stone unturned. In daily encounters, we also need to do complete assessments when talking with others.



Robert and Maureen McQuillan write:

Remember the Jack Nicholson movie, Anger Management? He plays a psychiatrist, Dr Buddy Rydell, who volunteers to help a guy with anger problems.

A judge asks him: ‘You think you can help him?’ His replies, ‘Yep. And if I can’t, I’ll tear him apart with my bare hands.’

Anger Management




Sounds like a psych with his own anger management problem!

An LA journalist friend asks us: ‘Why are Christians so angry? Where is the love?’ A current, very appropriate question – the Holy Spirit is obviously trying to get something through to Christians.

Actually, the truth is that Christians shouldn’t display anger, yet so often we do. We’re supposed to exhibit the Galatians 5:22-23 fruit of the Spirit – the very nature of Jesus himself!

And, after all, if we Christians can control our actions, achieving positive results, surely we can also control our negative reactions! (more…)