(August 04, 2022) S. Sam Selva Raj challenges Christians to determine their destiny…

Everyone has a unique calling from God; He leads each of us in different ways. Our callings may be different – but the decisions we make determine our destination.

Take Elijah and Elisha for example… and Gehazi, Elisha’s helper.

1. Elijah
God called Elijah to serve as His prophet, and to challenge an evil king (1 Kings 17:1). His decision not to hold back determined his destination.

God’s choice is not necessarily based on one’s educational qualifications, financial standing or family background. Elijah’s qualification was that he was always ready to listen to God’s voice and do what He said.

Now Ahab, Israel’s king, was eviler than any king before him. He had God’s people worshipping Baal, a pagan god (I Kings 16:30-32)!

But God dealt with him through Elijah who was –

(i) Dutiful
Someone whose faith on God was very great, Elijah didn’t fear the consequences of presenting the Lord’s word to this evil king.



(May 6, 2021) Robert and Maureen McQuillan reflect…

Sunday May 23 this year is regarded by many churches as Pentecost Sunday, especially Holy Spirit-filled ones, celebrating the outpouring of God’s Spirit on those humble first disciples.

Since that Acts 2 experience the church has grown – about 2.6 billion adherents globally in early 2020. Testimonies, Christian books, even secular encyclopedic history, record demonstrations of Holy Spirit assistance, miracles, emboldened men and women anointed by him to move in the Spirit and speak forth genuine prophecy, words of knowledge and wisdom, cast out demons… and more!

Praise God for churches that have been open to the Holy Spirit… and for individuals who have been bold in allowing the Spirt to use them to brighten darkened lives. But… sadly, many churches, many bold Christians have not been regarded or respected for their service (See Erica Grace’s heart-touching April article True Fruit – From Unsung Heroes).

The reality is that it isn’t always been easy to be bold for Jesus and allow the Spirit to take one down a different road to others… yet remaining humble and down-to-earth!  Indeed, for all of us, there is the constant challenge to allow the Holy Spirit to keep us under control so that we don’t get bigheaded and move beyond our station – unless of course it’s God directed, and he gets the glory in all that’s achieved for the kingdom.

The challenge
Such recollecting reminds us that some 40 years we came across the following challenge by the late Bill Britton, entitled Others May, You Cannot)… still fresh, challenging, and meaningful, especially if you’re sold out to the ministry call of Christ on your life.



Dr Robert & Maureen 0816August 28, 2016 – Robert and Maureen McQuillan share some recent experiences…

We often receive requests for prayer, mentoring and counselling. Emails, mobiles, SMS and Skype are great tools the Holy Spirit uses!

Or we find he sets up God appointments  — ‘God-incidents’   — not always within a local church’s ‘sacred’ four walls but ‘out there’ where ordinary people live, work and relax. We’ve always claimed that ‘out there’ is the real marketplace of mission activity.

But then we see mission activity worldwide not only as opportunities to witness Jesus as Saviour but as one who cares for the hurting, misunderstood, disillusioned, disappointed and the sick. Ordinary people, Christian and non-Christian, need caring, understanding, unselfish love and an arm thrown around them! (more…)


Andrew CorbettAndrew Corbett challenges Christians, not just leaders, with these thoughts …

The one we follow expects people to follow us. This gives Christianity a leadership culture. If you are a follower of Christ, you must be leader. Whenever the church is at its strongest it is because it is led well.

Because leadership is a part of the fabric of Christianity and the church that Christ is building, Jesus’ followers will display Christ-like leadership in their homes, their schools, their clubs, their workplaces, and the marketplace. Christ’s leadership shows us that it is not about how many are following, but how they are led that matters. (more…)

Going About Doing Good – Or Just Going About?

Robert and Maureen McQuillan write:

Recently we were introduced to a young businessman whom the world would term as highly successful and has everything going for him. His company is doing well, he has everything he needs – home, wife, kids, cars, connections and a great future as he wisely uses his entrepreneurial skills.

But he has been acutely aware that something is missing and a good friend had been sharing his own experiences with the Holy Spirit. Now we too had the opportunity to share with him and something he said told us exactly where he’s at. He has faith in God but said, ‘If going around in this life before heaven is all there is to it, then what’s it all about? What are we here for?’
It was a delight to pray for the infilling of the Spirit to fill this seeker of truth and reality and to be led into a purposeful life for Christ.
Serving others
Every now and then, as we minister to churches or individuals, we’re led to quote the words of Toyohiko Kagawa
(1888 –1960) – the originator of the challenge encapsulated in our title above. Some years ago we discovered they symbolised the lifestyle of this visionary who revered Jesus and God’s word. 

This insightful Japanese avidly followed the teachings of Christ, believing that Christianity in action was the truth behind Christian doctrines. As a young man attending Kobe Theological Seminary, he was so troubled by seminarians’ concern for the technicalities of religious doctrine that he would repeatedly refer to the parable of the Good Samaritan. 

In reality this parable demonstrates real Christianity in action, the one who is able to help being available to meet needs, and not expecting or demanding anything in return. Rather being willing to go further than the initial contact, to provide follow-up. 

Later in life, Toyohiko Kagawa once boldly referred to scripture when he dared to say to his nation’s ‘godlike’ ruler: ‘Emperor Hirohito, “Whosoever will be great among you…shall be the servant of all.” A ruler’s sovereignty, Your Majesty, is in the hearts of the people. Only by service to others can a man, or nation, be godlike.’ 

 Toyohiko Kagawa (c 1920)

Real Christianity
That was Toyohiko Kagawa’s own lifestyle – serving others. He became a successful businessman entrepreneur who influenced many, not only in Japan but also abroad, including Fletcher Jones, ‘Australia’s clothing king.’

Concerned with people’s misery in life at home, he went around seeking how he could bless many and give them hope for a better future. 

A social reformer, peace activist, political prisoner, evangelist and author Kagawa is reported as saying: ‘I read in a book that a man called Christ went about doing good. It is very disconcerting to me that I am so easily satisfied with just going about.’ 

That should really hit it on the head as far as a lot of Christians, especially ministers, are concerned! So many of us are indeed content with the status quo and miss out on God’s greater picture for our lives, skills and abilities. And so many times churches expect people to come to their Sunday services before they will communicate the love and caring of God in a meaningful way. There is a wrong attitude of ‘Come first to my Sunday turf, then I’ll look at yours.’ 

Good Samaritan Christians/churches
The Good Samaritan parable is indeed an outstanding example of going out there beyond the church walls and it seems that quite a few churches have bought into it. This is good news for those without hope, without a personal relationship with Christ and feeling that they have no one to turn to for assistance. Especially those who for various reasons, perhaps sick family, a threatening spouse, or transport, just can’t get out on a Sunday.

Personally, we feel like Toyohiko Kagawa – not satisfied with just going about but desiring to go about doing good wherever and however we can with the Holy Spirit’s help. This means, at times, going out of our way, going beyond the famous second mile. 

And why? Because according to Jeremiah 29:11, God has a wonderful future organised for all who will seek his face, listen to his directions and go for it. 

Toyohiko Kagawa’s life story is an incredible one. It certainly inspires us, as does (even more so) the example of Jesus – We’re never satisfied with just ‘going about!’ We want to be involved in whatever God has ordained for us. We’ll always be open to whatever new challenges he has for us both in general life and ministry itself. In a nutshell, this means that we desire to achieve what will bless others and be meaningful to the kingdom. 

We trust that young businessman will very quickly find his purpose in life as he allows the Spirit to speak to his heart. His potential to bless humanity is stupendous! 

Being effective for Jesus
We deliberately call our ministry of encouragement and inspiration Life Focus. Regularly – in mentoring, casual conversation, preaching or seminars – we tell people, even non-Christians: ‘Life is a gift…focus on it and live it to the max! Don’t waste one day!’

Our own first-up daily prayer? ‘Lord, let this day be effective for you through Holy Spirit’s anointing and direction.’ Then we live the day as normal, not under any pressure, but being available for the Lord and, importantly, sensitive to his Holy Spirit. 

This doesn’t mean going around being super-spiritual before everyone and Bible-bashing them into a false salvation or forcing them to go to church. 

Rather we just take every opportunity the Holy Spirit organises for us to meet people and simply bless them. Blessing – to us this means speaking a God-word, a kind word into people’s lives and encouraging them through being sensitive to the Spirit who can tell us where they’re at and what they need to hear. 

  We encourage every Christian to activate a lifestyle like Toyohiko Kagawa did as he followed the example of Jesus: ‘It is very disconcerting to me that I am so easily satisfied with just going about.’ This leads to being meaningfully effective for Jesus.