(May 15, 2017) Missionary statesman George Forbes shares a BIG challenge…

At last, I have got onto the subject of money for missions! This is a big subject because the need is big.

I mean really BIG!  Regrettably, it sometimes becomes a point of confusion and even conflict when the amounts of funding for global mission are seen as diverting, or reducing the funding for local church needs.

I say, ‘Thank God for the pastors who understand this problem area and ensure good balance and understanding is maintained in their church. I belong to such a church, for which I gave thanks to God every day. I especially thank him for my pastor.



Karen Hewitt


Karen Hewitt writes…
We have all heard it said that our message never changes but the way we deliver it should because our society changes.

For our churches to reach a world of lost people we must be intentional about how we run our services. So often we hear something and think ‘I should examine that’ and never do. This is a friendly reminder. (more…)