(May 15, 2017) Missionary statesman George Forbes shares a BIG challenge…

At last, I have got onto the subject of money for missions! This is a big subject because the need is big.

I mean really BIG!  Regrettably, it sometimes becomes a point of confusion and even conflict when the amounts of funding for global mission are seen as diverting, or reducing the funding for local church needs.

I say, ‘Thank God for the pastors who understand this problem area and ensure good balance and understanding is maintained in their church. I belong to such a church, for which I gave thanks to God every day. I especially thank him for my pastor.

Visionary pastors encourage missionaries and church members
I recognise that just as some missionaries may not manage money well. The same is true of some local churches. The better way is surely   to help those missionaries who are not money managers and partner with them in sound, wholesome ventures for people in need and projects that are worthy.

Pastors who believe in the vision of a missionary can partner with them, encouraging members who are experienced in money management, as well as people who are good project managers to work with their missionary.  Some great work is done this way to the glory of God.

The difficult balance area is to ensure that projects do not become the all-consuming focus of finance for missions. It must never be projects versus process.  The spiritual task of making disciples, planting churches, releasing indigenous churches to grow as God guides them in their own context, must take precedence over everything else.

 Wise working partnerships
Regrettably, due to the poor economy of many developing countries, there is always the danger of money being regularly needed by the local churches. It is essential that sound systems of financial recording and management are established. Equally, that focus on the unreached is held high on the agenda.

This calls for sound planning, for working partnerships, as well as good agreements that define the way missionary money is invested.

Where there is no vision the people perish.

Equally, where there is no plan or accountability the people perish!


Dr George Forbes is internationally recognised as a missionary statesman with a heart for the lost of the nations. With a wealth of missionary knowledge and a unique ability to communicate the global picture, he is widely known as the ‘story-teller.’ Link:





  1. Most people on the average give less than 8.5% of their income into the church. From this amount, which is in the billions of dollars, less than 1% percent of offering gets to missions. This, in itself is an alarming statistic, but when this is also factored in, of this tiny (1%) amount 75% of it is spent in the USA and other western countries, it becomes a serious indictment on the western church.
    Do not try to be blind to the word of God. Follow Malachi 3:10–12 to allow God do what he does well and liberty will follow.
    Food for Thought: Is not money a part of the curse that Adam received after not repenting? It was called work! Are we able to take a curse and bless with it? Yes, but that means breaking the old way of thinking, which also breaks the curse. The way to do that is give it away! If you stay; pray and pay someone to go for you!

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