Harold Harvey 2016Harold Harvey pinpoints some Christian life ground rules …

I was talking with a friend a little while back and we were discussing the Bible and that it is the word of God for us and, as such, it should guide our footsteps in life and that it is our authority and basis for the things we believe.

Among other things, we talked about how the Bible doesn’t tell us a lot about heaven and hell or much about life after death – the very thing that a lot of people want to know about. (more…)


Andrew CorbettAndrew Corbett challenges Christians, not just leaders, with these thoughts …

Generally I believe that a person’s past is the best indicator of his or her future. The general problem with generalities is that there are generally exceptions.

The reason is that history reveals that nearly every person who achieved anything of note had a past which bore little resemblance to their actual futures.

This is good news for people like me – I’m no exception – and perhaps it’s good news for you too. (more…)


Martin JohnsonMartin Johnson, Special to ASSIST News Service, writes:

Working in the police force was Australian Suzanne Spence’s dream job. At first it was everything she had hoped it would be, but when she came home every night in tears, her family and friends knew she wasn’t coping.

Diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Suzanne reluctantly resigned after a 24-year career and, aged 46, thought her working life was over. (more…)


Wayne Swift

Wayne Swift, Apostolic Church Australia National Leader, writes:

I’ve been a minister for many years now and naturally I’ve come to realise many home truths.

One is this – the outcome of minister’s efforts privately, is usually, if not always, displayed publicly. Let’s face it – a minister’s prayer life, devotional life, ongoing learning, sermon preparation and even relationships are on show. People observe our actions and our reactions, along with our struggles.

Ministers need to create what I term ‘the ultimate atmosphere’ in order to present ourselves approved by Christ and acceptable by those who witness our actions and reactions under various circumstances.

And the reality is that this is a principle for every Christian for we are all on display as it were…what someone once called ‘the fifth gospel, the gospel according to you.’ The way we all prepare ourselves is critical to the outcomes we experience. (more…)