Erica GraceErica Grace, ex-missionary to South America, cuts to the chase!

I find looking at churches’ bulletin boards and websites rather interesting, don’t you?

It’s quirky, I know, but I feel CBBs/websites say a lot about the church. If the board is full of out-of-date events and has been gathering dust for a long time, it tells me no one has captured the vision of this valuable tool. It can be the same with some church websites!

On the other hand I’ve seen some masterpieces too!

Missions involvement
But one thing I’m always looking for is their missions’ involvement. What is this church involved in outside their own building? (more…)


Erica GraceErica Grace, author and ex-missionary to South America, cuts to the chase!

Yet another letter in our mail box! This one was quite long but also interesting. The person involved seemed to know quite a lot about South America and was asking me detailed questions about our work and location in Chile.

Feeling a sense of thrill I decided to answer the letter right away, responding to each point that had been made and adding interesting details. The letter went to the mail right away (You may already realise this was decades ago – before emails!).

Two weeks later I received an answer to my letter, thanking me for the details and asking for more. Knowing that we would be posting our usual quarterly letter within a couple of weeks, I added his letter to the pile that would be answered at that time.

Ten days later I received a third letter from this gentleman. This time his letter was not polite at all. He wrote: ‘I would think that by now you would have had plenty of time to read my letter and respond. I don’t know what else is more important than keeping in touch with the people back home that support you there. I am so disappointed that you haven’t answered me yet. You really need to get your priorities right!’

Get my priorities right? Does this unmarried(!) man, thousands of miles away, have any idea what a missionary wife has to cope with, I wondered?  He must have had in his mind a picture of what he considered an ‘Ideal Missionary Wife’ – and his expectations were off base and unreal! (more…)


Erica GraceErica Grace, author and ex-missionary to South America, cuts to the chase!

A couple came to see my husband Chris and me to discuss a ‘disturbing’ trend in their church.

They said they were extremely worried their pastor had the wrong priorities: He was constantly raising money for missions and making donations to missions’ projects and such.

We kept waiting for the ‘problem’ to appear but the more they spoke the wider we smiled. Why? Well, to us it sounded that this couple’s church was a great one – so what was the problem? (more…)


George Forbes 2010

Missionary statesman Dr George Forbes shares some mission gems:

Much has been said and written about mission teams over the last few years. Twenty five years ago they were a new phenomenon arousing both positive and negative responses on the mission fields of the world.

Literally hundreds of teams and thousands of young people and older team members were suddenly appearing on the horizon of missions’ activity. (more…)


Dr Wonsuk Ma 3

Dr Wonsuk Ma shares…

In its short history (slightly more than one hundred years) Pentecostal/Charismatic Christianity has not only grown, but has made a significant contribution to Christian mission.

At the time of the 1910 Edinburgh Missionary Conference, which presented a master road-map to world evangelisation ‘in our [their] generation,’ the movement was only four years old (if we count from the 1906 Azusa Street Mission in Los Angeles, California). (more…)


George Forbes 2010Missionary statesman Dr George Forbes reminds us that the real message of Easter is a precious goldmine:

Easter is an annual holiday celebrated by many millions around the world. For devout followers of Christ it is a highlight of the year; a time to give thanks to God for his great gift. For many others it may be the one-day they attend a church, because it seems the right thing to do. They hope it might help when the day of accounting comes.


Murray CapillMurray Capill, author and Reformed Theology College’s principal, challenges…


There’s nothing new under the sun, and one thing that is definitely not new is the need for gospel workers. Two thousand years ago Jesus identified that as the critical kingdom issue, and things have not really changed. The harvest is still plentiful; the workers are still few (Matt. 9:37). (more…)


George Forbes 2010

Missionary statesman Dr George Forbes recalls one of Dr Ralph Winter’s powerful statements:

‘Unless and until the church in faith, makes the future of the world more important than the future of the church, the church has no future.’

Dr. Winter was named among the Top 25 Most Influential Evangelicals in America by Time Magazine (2005) and this heart-searching statement was burned into my heart and memory years ago.