Dan Wooding - Jeanette ChaffeeJeanette Chaffee, Special to ASSIST, herself a terrorist survivor, writes:

On October first I was driving around Tualatin, Oregon, and nonchalantly turned on the radio. I heard the horrific news that a gunman had gone on a shooting rampage in a writing class at Umpqua Community College, killing nine and shooting nine others.

Immediately I remembered my own experience surviving a terrorist bombing on TWA Flight 840 back in 1986, how helpless I felt, and how grateful I was that God allowed me to live though other people died. I felt the Lord instructed me to go to Roseburg and help in whatever way I could. I have to admit that it was with some nervousness that I headed 180 miles (290 km) south. (more…)


Carol RoundCarol Round writes inspirationally…

‘Always be joyful. Always keep on praying. No matter what happens, always be thankful, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus’ (1 Thess. 5:16-18 TLB).

In a recent discussion of 1 Thessalonians in our Sunday school class, one of our members, referencing chapter 5, verses 16-18 made the following statement: ‘Until our family was faced with cancer, we did life as usual. I’m actually grateful, not for the cancer, but that it changed our lives.’ (more…)


Geraldine (2)Geraldine Brandt reminds us that what Jesus has done for us will strengthen us to influence others…

One of the definitions of ‘remembering’ is ‘bringing the power and reality of the past into the present.’ It is making past events present realities! ‘Impacting’ indicates ‘a strong effect or influence on someone.’

This is the ministry of the Holy Spirit – it is not merely the effort of the mind endeavouring to revert to the past, it is the omnipotence of the Spirit bringing the power of the past into the present. (more…)



Robert and Maureen McQuillan ask some relevant questions:

Amazing photo, isn’t it? Cunard’s Captain Kevin Oprey standing on the bulbous bow (what helps stabilise movement) of the Queen Mary 2, the world’s largest ocean liner, Photographer James Morgan took several photographs to mark the ocean liner’s tenth anniversary and Australia’s Daily Mail ran with the caption, ‘Welcome aboard my little boat.’

QM2 a




Although small of stature Captain Oprey looks so confident with all that mighty power that he commands behind him! (more…)


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Elisabeth Elliot receives her reward

Brian Nixon



Brian Nixon, Special to ASSIST News Service, recalls a special faithful servant of Christ…

Author, missionary, broadcaster, and a woman of deep faith, Elisabeth Elliot (b. 1926 in Belgium) received her reward on June 15, 2015.

Mrs Elliot was the daughter of missionaries to Belgium, having five other siblings. Her family moved to United States while she was young, growing up in Pennsylvania and later New Jersey. She graduated from Wheaton College where she studied Classical Greek and met her first husband, Jim Elliot. (more…)